I wanted to share with you guys the work of a great musician and friend, Gordon Daniels. His info is below. You definitely want to check him out! We shot this one in Naples, Italy, while on our contract on board the Celebrity Reflection. He asked us if we would like to participate and we immediately jumped on board and did some improv on his cover. "This is a cover by Gordon Daniels and its ukulele version of the Gnarls Barkley tune "Crazy" featuring on the violin - Lara Sansón Mora, on cello - Berta García Sanz, , and banjo - Karl Viertel. like/follow/subscribe - Check out more at - www.GordonDanielsMusic.com www.facebook.com/GordonDanielsMusic www.youtube.com/GordonDanielsMusic instagram @GordonDanielsMusic Produced by Gordon Daniels Filmed by Gordon Daniels and David Kirkwood"